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3D Printing – Trangia Fuel Bottle Adaptor Tool

I’ve been messing around with 3D printing as part of another project I’m working on. As part of that I’ve put together this Trangia fuel bottle adaptor that has come out really well. If you want to print your own … Continue reading

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QR Codes – 5 Uses for Outdoor Instructors & Centres

QR Codes are those square pixelly things you see on a lot of marketing material. With the right software you can scan them using the camera of your phone. You might already use them quite a bit. They used to … Continue reading

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Buying your first mountain bike – top tips and handy hints

Recently I seem to have come across lots of people wanting advice on buying their first mountain bike so I thought I’d collate it all into a post to make things easier. So if you are reading this you have … Continue reading

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Fat-Skeptic to Fat-Evangilist in just one bike

In May last year (2012) I had a go on the fatbike that Andy had brought to try on the sand. I was very fat-skeptic. “Of course a bike wont work on the deserts soft sand”, I thought. Oh how … Continue reading

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Dear Blog – please accept my apologies

for I have been neglecting you for far to long. Starting with this post I aim to make it back up to you in some small way by paying you some attention. My excuse is poor, I was initially distracted … Continue reading

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12/10/2012 Showka Descents Video + Wadi Racer Strava Segment

Had a great ride yesterday. I’ve quickly put together some of the chest mounted GoPro footage edited to include some of the key descents of the area and posted it on my vimeo account It includes a full un edited … Continue reading

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to write or not to write? this is the question

Last week a walker who’s plan had been to complete a circuit in the Wadi Ghalilah area in the Hajar Mountains, just outside of Ras Al Khaimah, was late ringing in to his family as planned. This obviously worried them … Continue reading

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